What do we eat here?

We’ve been frequently asked about what do we eat here.
So here goes:


We’re having local fruits like mango (0.85eur/kg), papaya (0.25eur/piece), little bananas (0.50eur/bunch), dragonfruit (1eur/kg) – they all are grown localy, and we buy them in afternoon market.
Emma bought big pomelo from our neighbour’s (0.37eur/piece) and it was so good !
Eggs are also on our menu. 10 fresh eggs from the market for just 1eur.
Bread is a uncommon thing here. Luckily, there are some bakeries in town so we can get ourselves a fresh bread in the morning.
There is few shops with imported western products where you can get cheese, butter, yoghurts, sour cream. Instead of sweet cream we started to use coconut milk. Morning coffee with coconut milk – yammie!
Wholegrain bread is 1.12 EUR and butter 230gr. 2.50 EUR.
All around us we see rice fields and also peanut fields. It’s pretty cheap here, so we’re making homemade peanut butter in a stone pestle, just add a bit oil, sugar and pinch of salt.

All fresh goods from the market. Longbeans (50cm long), little thai shallot onions, thai garlic, chinese noodles, of course rice (white, black un brown), potatoes, carrots, cabbage, little green thai chillies, plum tomatoes, cucumbers. That all fried on the pan with spices and fresh corriander with coconut milk souce.
One lunch time for three of us is just under 2,5eur without meat. Because of the warm climate and all the fresh&tasty vegetables and fruits it just feels no need for the meat, although it’s possible to get all kind of meats at the market.
Best drink in a hot day – Water with mint leaves, lime and ice cubicles.
Emma’s favorite fruit is a watermelon (0.50eur).
We also treat ourselves with exotic fruits like longan, mangosteen, rambutan (similar to lychee) and passion fruit (all of them just for 0.85eur/kg).

We are going to town for a local thai food. every night another place, new taste and impression for the next day’s lunch.
Although they are quite spicy, but we love thai curries (green, yellow , red, paneng, massaman), Whole fried or steamed fish for 2 persons with veggies and salads is just under 5eur.
Soups (with noodles, veggies), fried rice (Khao Pad) or fried noodles (Pad thai) with all imaginable side dishes… just for 1 eur per dish.
A dinner for three of us in average is around 6.50eur.
We also love street food – all kind of meats on the sticks, sausages, mushrooms, roti pancakes with mango, all kind of fruit shakes and smoothies, sticky rice (sweet rice boiled in coconut milk) with mango…
There are just 4 local beers, all lager type, I’m not so thrilled about their taste..
bottle is 0.63 ml and costs 1.40 EUR.
Any imported beer bottle will cost you quite a fortune, for instance Hoegarden 0.33l is 4eur..
Wine, of course, only imported, under midrange australian wine -17 EUR… (thai import tax is 180%!!!)

P.S. Of course, the sweets.
coffee in average 1-1,5eur, cakes (very good ones) 1,5-2eur.

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